Online Charging System

a dynamic Online Charging System that delivers real-time charging and associated control to manage financial risk and support growth

ALLinONE OCS is a hosted, supplier agnostic, highly scalable solution able to provide real-time rating functionality to support a range of business propositions. Integration with wholesale suppliers in markets such as telecoms opens up the ability for providers to offer tailored pre-pay solutions to leverage market opportunities whilst reducing financial risk. Application with traditional post-pay services increases financial control to this market sector.

the value

The ALLinONE OCS allows communications service providers to charge their customers in real time, based on service usage, enabling them to bill pre-pay and post-pay services on the same platform. This provides clients that utilise the ALLinONE eWarehouse platform with a minimum risk service, as all usage must have credit available (Bundle or out of Bundle call data capping limits applied) prior to it being accepted, automatically cutting the session when funds run out. ALLinONE OCS allows complete call control based on the proposition or credit that a customer has purchased, ensuring that credit limits are enforced.


reduces financial risk

Extensive real time call control functionality ensures end users can only use what they have paid for in advance


supports client propositions via specification of end user experience

Detailed configuration allows clients to define which service combinations can be accessed by end users with and without credit.


stimulates additional sales

Flexibility allows client to determine routes for users without credit who attempt usage e.g. can redirect customers to predefined web-portals to make additional purchases.


enhances post-pay solutions

Integration with account credit management within ALLinONE eWarehouse can provide additional levels of credit control for clients wishing to minimise fraud or financial risk e.g. clients can prevent chargeable usage when out of agreed bundle limits.


scalable on demand

Designed specifically to support rapid growth, the hosted environment is highly flexible to facilitate performance optimisation and growth.


supports business

Variety of deployment options to support businesses requiring full solution or single component.