powerful and feature rich tool providing holistic management of all customer interactions including automated workflows thus empowering customer care agents to deliver customer excellence

ALLinONE MultiOrder is a cloud-based platform that enables Customer Care Agents to support and manage all aspects of a customer on-boarding and in life journey via a single application. They can fulfil customer requests for additional sales, update tariffs or product subscriptions as well as action queries or complaints.

supporting the front end screens used by Agents the ALLinONE MultiOrder has feature rich workflow engines that integrate with a wide range of other Lifecycle and third party applications to deliver seamless provisioning with suppliers, and activation of services. The vast range of automation for on-boarding, in-contract and end-of-contract activities enable businesses to optimise their operations and concentrate on sales and the delivery of great customer service.

the value

drives efficiency

Automated workflows initiate, complete and record product provisioning by integrating with suppliers; optimising efficiency and reducing errors caused by manual intervention.


delivers standardisation

Workflows enable gold service standards for all orders to be achieved with proactive monitoring of exceptions and issues.


supports customer excellence

Customer Care Agents have access to all customer information within a single platform and are able to trigger a wide range of actions to deliver an outstanding customer experience.


reduces financial risks

Use of automated workflows enables financial risks to be managed and minimised e.g. automated suspension for non-payment.


facilitates management of customer care function

Ease of use functionality allows complete visibility and control of the customer experience, across all aspects of the customer journey with a full audit trail and end-user management.