Extract Transform Load

high capacity, automated, and auditable extract, transform and load functions support timely and accurate data processing

ALLinONE ETL undertakes automated collection of CDR and EDR files from multiple suppliers and locations prior to extraction, transformation and validation of data to deliver consistent billable records that are automatically loaded into the ALLinONE eWarehouse platform for rating. Automation from end to end, ensures that appropriate data is available to be processed by the billing platform with the very minimum of delay, delivering prompt information to the client and their customers.

the value

Time and accuracy optimisation are critical measurements in processing third party files, and the automated ALLinONE ETL module minimises the former, whilst maximising the latter.

Timeliness of usage based charging data (e.g. CDR), where real time usage feeds or on-line charging systems are unavailable – minimises exposure of clients to lost revenue and their users to bill shock by ensuring that usage is billed without delay.

Very prompt collection and mediation of Event Data Records (EDRs) not only ensures prompt rating, but may also be vital in ensuring that the customer experience is positive. e.g. where EDRs are Sim fulfilment completion notifications, the end user may be unable to activate SIM related services until other components of the ALLinONE product suite are informed SIM allocation has been completed.


improved accuracy with less manual processes

Automation of collection and mediation, 24/7/365, enables ALLinONE integration with third parties transferring data through file based interchange, ensures that files are automatically collected and validated prior to further systems processing.


more efficient processing of data

Automated extraction, transformation and loading 24/7/365 ensures that data is processed without delay as soon as it is made available.


integrity of data improves accuracy

Validation of data is automated as part of the transformation to avoid single or multiple data record rejections. Alarms are raised for any failures to ensure that only appropriate data is loaded and that exceptions are promptly resolved.


powerful analytics insights

Auditable outputs can be used for reporting and alarms, providing prompt exception identification of failures. Data can be used for trend analysis which enables identification of variations in usage volume or record types.


automated regulatory compliance

Mediation rules used during transformation ensure number masking or sensitive usage records are removed from billing output to end users, whilst still being kept for client reporting if required.


supports bespoke features

Bespoke operator configuration available e.g. separating ranges of subscribers or resellers into separate feeds or formatting numbers differently for specific billing feeds.